When Adderall Is No Longer Enough

Emerging Drug of Choice Among College Students Could Breed Concern

At college campuses across America, students are taking unprescribed drugs with a casualness that would stun the unwitting parents who fund their habits under the guise of “grocery” or “textbook” money. At this very moment, your son or daughter could very well be inducing a high dose of adderall for an all night study session.

How could this be happening under your nose, though? You always thought your angel was above the influence, but the taboo surrounding prescription drugs, notably amphetamines, has diminished to nearly nothing in the overstimulated minds of the American youth.

The results of a recent study on amphetamine use sheds light on just how prominent these drugs really are:

But something deeper is occurring, which should raise concern for parents nationwide. Kids are becoming tolerant to the effects of the drug due to reckless dosage and overuse.

So what happens when the intensified effects of a drug are tempered and no longer get the job done? They find a new drug to satisfy the desired effects.

I spoke with a group of college students (who for the sake of anonymity will remain nameless) who pointed me in the direction of a new pill that’s sweeping dormitory halls: the “little blue pill.” 



The erectile dysfunction pill, aimed at older adults, is now being used by teenagers for other intended effects.

One student interviewed had this to say:

It just makes sense when you think about it because, like, it takes all that extra blood that’s pressing against your brain and sends it to your penis, and gives your brain room to think straight.

•     •     •

While this may sound absurd to the casual observer, there may be some scientific backing. An Ohio-based sexual health expert shed light on the situation:

Think about the tunnel vision you experience while aroused. There’s not a man in this country who isn’t ashamed of his internet search history during periods of sexual stimulation. The depths your mind is willing to go to, and the focus your desire instills in you during arousal is truly remarkable. If you were to channel that focus from sex to something entirely different, however, it’s reasonable to believe you would see increased productivity.

A student studies with a viagra-induced erection stuffed beneath his desk


One student tells me that he won’t even consider walking into an exam without an erection.


It just keeps my mind totally clear and focused. Adderall used to make me too jittery, and I’d get distracted and just end up focusing on other stuff.


He claims that with his penis at full mast, that focus never wanes.


I mean it’s our biology. When humans have a boner, we’re wired to satisfy it, and we can’t focus on anything else until we do. All you have to do is trick your brain into satisfying it in another way, like getting a good grade, and you still feel that same dopamine rush. I’m pre-med, too, so I know all about this stuff.


•     •     •

What about those warnings from the commercials, though? An erection lasting 4 hours is supposed to warrant an emergency room visit. One student insists that this isn’t worth worrying about:


The first time I took it, for an all nighter, I had a boner for about 12 hours. It hurt a lot, and I was definitely scared, but really it just added to my focus. It’s kind of like your body hitting fight-or-flight mode. My body is sending me distress signals, which just helps me focus harder so I can get my work done and take care of things.”


One of the noted side effects of amphetamines is erectile troubles, and a student suggested that might be a key to the waning focus they began to experience on the drug.


If a hard penis helps me focus, then a super soft penis probably distracts me. It’s the communicative property.


He claims the only time he takes adderall now is to temper an erection that’s gone on for an uncomfortable amount of time.

The main issue, the student told me, is the geometry of desks in most classrooms.


A lot of times I can’t fit my boner underneath the desks. So I have to sit in awkward positions, and it’s starting to hurt my back. That, to me, is the only concern with using viagra.


When reached for a comment about haphazard use and the disregard of health side effects, a prominent St. Louis doctor responded by saying “[he] won’t dignify this story by responding to it. If kids are doing this, we need to rethink parenting in this country.

•     •     •


Where does this story end though? Is there ever a point where one stops searching for that better, stronger fix? What will happen when the same tolerance built for amphetamines begins to build with Viagra? One student ponders this possibility:


I don’t really know what happens after the Viagra stops working. My boners still last long enough to get me through exams and study sessions, so I’m not too worried about it. I don’t know what the next move would be though.


He pauses. The bulge in his pants, evident since the moment he sat down across from me, still rages on in full view. He looks toward the window with a pensive gaze, then turns back to me.


Maybe Cialis.



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